Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gel Nail Polish with LED lamp

My company is currently developing a LED lamp to cure gel nail polishes so I have been testing applications of the gel nail polish and using regular nail polishes, glitters, etc. 

The pros of the gel nail polish cured under the LED lamp is that it dries up quickly (unlike the regular polishes). It takes only 30 secs. and chips less faster. It has a "glass" like finish. 

 The cons, well it's not easy to remove. You need to soak the nails in acetone for about 3 mins~5mins or wrap it in acetone soaked cotton pad with foil.
Used regular nail polish (which needs to be completely dried) and added glitters and topped with
gel top coat.
Used regular nail polish as the base, added dried flower, glitters then topped with gel top coat
Just added the glitter nail polish (transparent) and added the gel top coat.
Arranging the glitters to the edge was quite a work.

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