Friday, December 03, 2010

Innisfree- Eco Natural Green Tea BB

Although there are a lot of cheap cosmetic brands in Korea, I am not very aware of those brands and their products but a friend from US asked me to buy some for her, I came across a BB cream, that's nicer than the one I am using, which is Skinfood's Aloe BB. 

I am not saying Skinfood's BB cream I am using is not good, it's just that, my skin gets oily after sometime. The only BB cream for oily skin is the Peach Sake and I haven't had the chance to use it yet.

The specs of Eco Natural Green Tea BB Cream:
  • 40% Moisture making the skin moist and not sticky
  • Makes the skin clear and translucent
  • Green tea water instead of just simple water
  • Has SPF 25 PA++
  • Contains Chamomile to relax the skin, green tea extract for moisture, lavender extract for hypo-allergy, and camellia flower to give brighter skin tone. 

  • I like the tube, it has a pump so it prevents from excess pouring 
  • There's no strong scent. I don't really like cosmetics with strong scents and so I do like this one.
  • Easy to apply, it's a bit watery so spreading is easy.
  • Makes the skin looks moist and not dry. (but not oily)
  • It seems a bit dark but once applied to the skin, it blends well.
  • It's a bit too watery compared to other BB creams so it might drip on your clothes while applying.
  • There's only 1 shade, no other option.
  • It's a bit pricey compared to Skinfood
  • It doesn't have good coverage

There are a lot of BB cream out here in Korea, and being in my 30's it's a have must since you don't have the clean, flawless skin you had when you were in your 20's :P. Which one do you like?


  1. Skinfood's Peach Sake has a strong scent, you might not like it.

  2. ohh i didn't know that :D but it depends on the scent i guess :P hehe

    I would wanna try Missha's bb cream, there are good reviews about it

  3. the skinfood peach sake bb cream does have a scent to it BUT the scent fades away right after you blend it into your skin. also the scent is sooo heavenly, i wish the scent lasted longer :(
    also, it really gives ur face a radiant warm glow unlike the missha m bb cream wich can result to a very ashy look... so yeah i've had my share of bb creams and one of my best faves are the skinfood peach sake bb cream. js letting u kno :) plus its pretty ceap on ebay.

  4. yeah some people say the missha has that effect... actually peach sake i haven't tried and it's way cheaper for me to buy than in ebay since am in korea.

  5. I tried the peach sake and I must say I like other skinfood products better. My skin started peeling after use, and I didn't see any marked improvement in my skin without it on. As other people have commented, the smell is nice albeit strong and the color provides a nice peachy blush, but it does not blend well. If you don't apply to the whole, some areas become obviously pinker than others. I like the red bean bb cream better.

  6. I would like to buy it but I cannot find the full list of ingredients. Please could you list them for us. It's important, since I cannot deal with silicone.

  7. sorry for the late post... have been quite busy with work...
    It doesn't seem to have silicone but has glycerin.... most of the other ingredients are all orgnic.