Monday, August 23, 2010

Egg Pore Blackhead Out

I have a lot of blackheads on my nose and I am not the most diligent person to take care of my skin. A friend of mine from US asked me to buy some Korean cosmetics for her, and while shopping I found this Egg Pore Blackhead Out Oil Gel from Tony Moly. There are 3 eggs, white, beige and gold but I just bought myself the first phase- getting rid of the blackheads.
Tony Moly's Egg pore blackhead out oil gel
It's really simple to use, all you have to do is put the contents on your nose and massage it lightly for
3~5 minutes. The next photo shows the gel.

So here's my review for this product :P

I like:
  • It's quite affordable, around $8 each.
  • There are tiny bits of gold thingy inside, it helps in reducing the blackheads and whiteheads... I think.
  • The instruction says if you massage the gel on your nose, it turns white as the dirt melts, well it really turns white.
  • I've notice the reduction of white and blackheads though you won't notice it until you've used it 3~4 times.
I don't like:
  • Since it's made of egg, you would imagine the smell.
  • The looks big, but if you look at the photo on top, the bottom part is the only part containing the gel. Such over packaging. (Accdg. to instructions, you can break the yellow part on top and use this as a mini pot.
  • 3~5 minutes massage is too long, at least for me. Even if you lightly massage your nose, it will turn really red. :D
Overall, 10 out of 10, I give this product maybe a 7 or 8. The following 2 products of the same line tightens the pore and covers up the pore. I actually have another product that tightens the pore so I won't be buying this. I guess. 


  1. Haha. Funny how big the package is and how little product you can get out of it. :))

  2. i know... exaggerated packaging! hehehe most of their mask products are like that!

  3. but the packaging is cute! if its available in the phils, i might be tempted to buy one =D

  4. @ayen: yeah the packaging is cute :D they have cuter packages for some summer products :D

  5. I remember my mom used to put egg whites on my face when I used to get pimples back in high school. It was supposed to dry the pimples. I guess it worked since I'm pimple free now and I don't have scars. I still have visible pores though.

  6. ^ my aunt used to put gauze on my face and put egg yolks.. and when it dried out, she peeled it off our faces, to remove blackheads :D

  7. Well, growing up we've been taught that eggs is good for us. Now I'm a firm believer!;)

    Tried the Gold egg yet?

  8. ^ not yet... hehe I have another pore tightener so until i finish using that, i don't plan to buy :D

  9. wow, well this beats having to squeeze it out. btw, was it ever a good idea to squeeze blackheads out?

  10. yeah.. it's better than squeezing :P
    and squeezing was never a good idea :D
    and doesn't really work too.

  11. I have used this one....and I like it...
    I buy @ this online shop

  12. On squeezing... OUCH! I don't know, I got that very habit since high school and can't get out of it until now.

  13. hehehe i need to be diligent with this product :P
    am gonna use black sugar mask :D