Thursday, May 13, 2010

Itaewon's Helios

I rarely go to this part of town but since my sister worked here... as a bartender before she became a mom... and her former colleagues wanted to see her. We've decided to go out for dinner.

Helios Pub and Grill

Located in Itaewon, Yong-san. If you want to go out and try different foreign food this is the place to be. You can see people from different races... caucasian, middle east asians, etc.. You can even enjoy exotic cuisines which are hard to find in other parts of Seoul.

The interior of Helios

Back to Helios.. Helios is a Pub and Grill, during the weekdays they sell food and drinks but during the weeekends, it becomes a club. The menu varies from pasta, steaks, burgers and pizza. They have wide selection of cocktails and serve really cool draft beer.

One of the food I recommend is their burgers. They are really good! The patty is thick and one of the reason I like their burgers is the FRIES! It's crispy on the outside and soft on the inside... yummy!!!


Mango Dairquiri I ordered was good.... recommend for those who can't drink well. I just tried it since it has been a while since I drank. Of course it's not fresh mango since it's expensive in Korea but it was okay. But
I do love their Peach Crush and Blue Hawaiian which I tried years ago :P

If you want to go ther while you are in Korea, just tell the cab driver to go to Itaewon fire station or if you are taking the subway get off at Itaewon station and go out at gate no. 2


  1. Oh, has it been a while since you last had alcohol? I bet, that was in Manila. Right? ;)

  2. yup... last time was in Manila... and no more.. :D hehehe but that cocktail was too smooth for me though

  3. What was too smooth for you? The way the drink was blended?

  4. yup yup.. :D

    ehheh I miss drinking Below Zero!!!!

  5. This is Helios page on facebook! Join here if you like the place! Thanks!!/pages/Helios-Club/209265322428540