Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gel Eyeliner

I am not a make up guru, and I only have a bit more than basic knowledge of how to apply make up and everything about make up. But I have enjoyed applying make ups to my friends and myself, ever since I was in high school. Although back then it wasn't as complicated as now with so many add-ons. 

Korea has a lot of cosmetic brands. They are quite affordable and for someone like me, who isn't a professional make up artist, those cheap ones will work fine. And maybe when I am better in applying, I might purchase something more expensive :P

My first ever make up review is about gel eyeliner. For me, my make up is not complete without any kind of eyeliner, since I don't have double eye lid and without it my eyes looks bloated. I have used pencil, liquid and gel eyeliner and I find gel eyeliner to be most convenient of them all.

Tony Moly
Tony Moly Gel Liner - this is the first gel liner that I bought. The one i bought was actually with the brush. There are about 5 colors such as black, pearl brown, purple, navy and forgot the other one. And since it's summer they have like a shade of pink and light blue. Well for it's price, less than US$6, it's quite good for me. I bought the pearl brown and one apply is not too dark, good for a day look and additional application makes it good for night look. With regards to whether they are waterproof or long lasting, well, it stays long enough.

Innis Free
Innisfree - I didn't actually purchase this one but when my friend from Philippines came to Korea, I went to their boutiques. They had I think 3 shades,  I think. And when I tried it on my hand, it glided quite well compared to Tony Moly's. The price is similar to the Tony Moly and I think it contains the same amount but to consider that the tester stayed open for quite some time, I think it's better in quality. But then again, it's just my opinion.
Skin Food
The Skin Food - my friend bought this one, and according to her, it doesn't glide smoothly. Though she's a newbie in make up, but well her sister said it doesn't glide smoothly so I don't think it's so good. I also read some reviews(hope there were more reveiws before my friend purchased it), and it doesn't have many good ones. Mostly they say it does not apply smoothly and too light.

Well, there are other gel eyeliner brands such as Nature's Republic, Face Shop, Missha, and a bit more expensive brands such as Lacvert, and so on but I haven't tried them. So maybe next time I do try it out, I will write about it.


  1. i love gel liners too and someone told me tonymoly is one of the best that offers gel liners :D

  2. I'm the sister, haha! Remember what you told me? You told me not to compare it with MAC Fluidline, because the price you pay isn't comparable either. :))

    I like the idea of you blogging about Korean skincare & cosmetics btw. You've got more access to these products. So go to the stores... Then Janna and I will get what we want, haha!

  3. HAHAHA go to the stores, buy 1 thing at a time and get the freebies??? hahahaha
    Can't really compare them with MAC fluidline!!! hahah the price!!!

  4. Exactly, haha! I am most likely going to order Tony Moly gel liner from u. :)

  5. @J: heheh might do that after summer's over but there's really nice summer products like BB cream spray etc.

  6. What spray? Like skin freshener (like the Evian ones)?

  7. Yup... spraying even with your make up on. :D

  8. Stila gel liners are the best for me :)

  9. @Kim... if i had the money to invest in make up, I would definitely buy Stila or Mac fluidline... but this gel liners are at affordable prices :P