Thursday, July 22, 2010

Children's Grand Park

It was really a hot day today... obviously since it's summer and the sun is soooooo hot. Unfortunately, Chloe's dad came to Korea to see his daughter so we had to go out in the afternoon. It would be nice if Chloe would just go with her dad willingly and not cry but she's always looking for her mom so that was impossible. 

We went to the Children's Grand Park. It's located in Gwangjin Gu, Seoul. It's very easy to find since the subway station (Children's Grand Park Station line no. 7) is just near the entrance. 

There's no entrance fee to the park itself. But there are other facilities inside where you need to pay some fee to enter or use. You can find animal shows, animal zoo, botanical garden, art hall, design gallery, character world, amusement park, fountain shows and more. 

There are a lot of activities you can do with your child but be sure to check the time because not all facilities stays open. For example, we couldn't see marine animals since they close at 5 pm and we arrived there around 5:15. 

I think the best time to visit the park is during spring or autumn since the sun's really hot in summer but there's water playground for children to play. We weren't able to go around the whole park since we only stayed for about 2~3 hours. I think you need the whole day to actually see everything.

The following pictures, what we've seen but there were a lot to see... will be bringing Chloe again next time and spend more time there to see everything.


  1. What a nice place for Chloe! I have been to Phoenix Zoo and we had to pay first before we entered the main gate.

  2. they used to have entrance fee but started to be free only a few years back..