Monday, July 12, 2010

Diet War

I have officially started my diet war. I have gained much weight for the last 1 year that I really need to lose the extra weight I've put on. Seriously, in just 1 year time, I have gone 2 sizes up. (Won't be telling what size I am wearing :P)

I have never been slim. I was chubby all my life. Even as a kid, I had been chubby, while my sister and brother were thin. If you actually look at my family members, old pictures of my parents when they were younger, they were all thin. My mom gained weight after she suffered from "slipped disc"... don't know the medical term, and  she had to get steroid shots... So, don't know where I got the   "FAT genes". I don't even eat much. Like those fat people you see on T.V., where they eat and eat to relieve stress. Well, I don't do that, I rarely have snacks. But due to my irregular eating habits and too much stress... while taking care of my mom, well I gained the EXTRA EXTRA weight.

My sister gained weight after giving birth to Chloe and then mom got sick so she didn't have the chance to lose the extra pounds. So the two of us decided to lose weight together. One of the main reason is that we have nothing to WEAR! The clothes we wore last year doesn't fit us anymore and of course for our health as well. 

SO our PLAN:
  • Treadmill - My dad bought a treadmill before for our mom. Her diabetic level increase and doctor recommended exercise. He bought it for me as well. :P I used to do 40 mins. everyday before but since I stopped for quite a while, it's really hard to do 20 mins. But taking it slowly.
  • Slendertone - I don't know if anyone knows this, the TV AD says it's from US but my brother bought this and he didn't bring this to Philippines so lucky us. It helps to tone up your abs.. it's actually effective if you use it everyday. 
  • Low Carb Dinner - My sister and I have been eating vegetable salad with low fat dressing and chicken breast for dinner. And it's actually effective because I can see the change in my sister's face (we usually loose fats around face first)... but not for me... takes more time than my sister to see the effect.
Well, I hope this will work for me. I know it will if I just keep with the plan. And I really do want to go back to my old figure... I wasn't slim or sexy but I had easier time buying clothes and clothes actually looked good on me.


  1. Maybe just one small slice of cake won't hurt. =)

  2. Thanks for following me. =) Followed your blog, too! Hope you succeed with your diet war! Aja! n_n

  3. You can do it!!!! Just don't starve yourself. It doesn't hurt to squeeze in a craving in moderation :) Actually, I need to get started on my diet too. Haha

  4. so pano when you get here in the philippines?

  5. ^^ yeah I won't be starving myself.. can't survive the heat...

    ^ when i get to the philippines? will be off-mode :D

  6. goodluck sis! i gained 10 lbs after i got married. im usually skinny, most of my friends told me i look better with the add'l weight but i really feel tired all the time so im now trying soooo hard to get back in shape. =)

  7. ^ i know what you mean, my sister was like that before too... people said she looked better but she had hard time moving around... not used to the extra weight

  8. Go girl! You can do it!

  9. Slendertone < does this thing really work?

    Why is your blog on drought too? :p

  10. ^ it works if you use it everyday... :D really... but am too lazy! hahah

    Got affected by your drought! hahah joke...
    it's super hot and humid... am becoming super lazy and am into Japanese drama these days