Thursday, September 02, 2010


I have been quite occupied with translation job that I couldn't write anything for my blog. It's already September and I will be still busy since the Chuseok holiday is coming up. Will talk about Chuseok in another entry. Plus I am going to visit Manila for vacation and started in preparing for the trip.

The summer's almost over here in Korea so I should buy summer clothes beforehand. And I did bought some clothes and the hardest part, swimsuit. I don't swim in Korea. So I don't have any swimsuit so my sister and I tried to look for a swimsuit but most we found were either bikini or monokini. It's not like all female can wear them! GRRRR But in the end, my sister found a tankini at the US base. It's not midriff and it looks like a one-piece but easy to wear :P

I need to plan my trip though. To make the most out of my trip. I already planned a weekend get-away with my brother and sister. But what else is there to do? Any suggestions?

Hope I will have enough time to write more on my blog. :D

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