Sunday, September 05, 2010

Mischievous Kiss

The original Japanese manga "Itazura na Kiss" has been made into TV drama in 3 countries. It started in Japan, then Taiwan with a different title "It Started with A Kiss" and now it's in Korean TV titled "Mischievous Kiss".

The setting is high school. Like most school romance stories, there's a girl who is in the worst section and a guy who is the smartest in the school... or in the whole country. The girl has a major crush on the guy like most of the girls in the school does and when she tried to confess her feelings to him she gets rejected... a total humiliation. Then due to some natural calamity (maybe fire or earthquake), the girls house has collapsed and the guy's parents find them after seeing it on news. So the girl and her dad move in to the guy's house. The guy's mom has only two very boring sons so she welcomes the girl as if she's her daughter. And the love story begins....

I watched the Taiwanese version "It Started with a Kiss" and "They Kissed Again". They Kissed Again is part two of the first title. The acting was good. It was really funny and sad when it had to be. I like the actress Lin Yi Chen or Ariel Lin. She isn't very pretty but quite cute. The more you watch the more you fall in love with the character. Of course there's the male actore Joseph Cheng. He's not really handsome either. But kind of charismatic.

I decided to watch the Japanese version before watching the Korean version. Well , it's quite old one, aired in 1996. It was funny too, although looking at their hairstyle and clothing made me think that it really was old  HAHA. The girl and the guys (actor's name I do not know) were quite good actors. I actually enjoyed watching it even though I already know the flow of the story.

Okay, the Korean version titled "Mischievous Kiss". OMG! It's in HD so the graphics are good, they added some CG. The Korean actore Kim, Hyeon Joong is good looking and fits perfetly for the role. It only aired 2 episodes so I can't really comment on his acting. But the girl, hmmmm I guess she was trying too hard to be cute, like the character is supposed to be. It looks awkward for her. And to see blond haired students and long-haired guy at school... it's really impossible in Korean schools, oh well Boys over Flowers were quite exaggerated anyways. I also didn't like the guy who has crush on the girl. He totally doesn't fit the character. Super OVER exaggerated with his character I think.

Anyways, I really got disppointed in the Korean version. No wonder they have low TV rating (around 3.6%) while its rival drama has like 46% rating. And this is just my oppinion. I don't have anything against the Korean drama or the actors and actresses.


  1. Not a fan of Kdrama, but I'm sure a lot of Pinoys are. :)

  2. I know.... eheh and they are soooooo into Kim, Hyun Joong...