Friday, April 06, 2012

Makeup Brush Cleaners

I have tried cleaning my makeup brushes in different ways. And even though some people say it's okay to use baby shower soaps, mild shampoos etc... but I find using brush cleaners is the best way.... although of course it's not very cheap and hard to find the best one with so many brands out in the market.

I have tried using 2 brush cleaners. The first one I have tried is from Lioele (Korean brand). It's Metome brush shower cleanser. It's approximately $10 per 190ml bottle (image below). Pros and cons... well I didn't really like this cleaner at all. It's quite small, the bottle is hard and the opening on the cap is so small it takes forever to fill a container enough to wash the brushes. I had to remove the cap in order to pour the cleaner into the container. Also it smelled like a bleach cleaner. Really strong scent, I even had to dissolve the cleaner with water because it was too strong. It cleans the brush okay, but even after rinsing it on a running water several times, the smell doesn't go away at all.

Lioele's METOME brush cleaner

The second one I bought is from Missha. It's called the Perfect Brush Cleaner. I was hesitant to buy at first since when I googled it, the first review expressed how she was never going to buy this again and that you get what you paid for. The brush cleaner is about $10 (a little tiny bit cheaper than Lioele) but it contains more since it's a 250ml bottle.

What I liked about this brush cleaner is that the bottle is soft, the opening on the cap is big enough and it smells quite good. Unlike the bleach like smell Lioele had. It does clean the brush well. Another good thing is that this cleaner comes in a refill pack (sold online only) so I don't have to buy a bit more price bottled ones.

Missha's Perfect Brush Cleaner

For now, unless I find some problem with this cleaner, I will stick to it. I have not tried MAC cleaners but I am not willing to spend that much money on a cleaner so this will have to do.

**THIS is just my own opinion, it might be different for every individual and the type of brush one has....

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