Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Makeup Lesson

I have been wanting to study makeup artistry for quite some time now.. and I just recently enrolled in a beauty school. At first, since I had some makeups already, I told the admin that I won't be buying the set they are selling. But as I attended my first class, I realized I need the whole set since my purpose to study isn't just purely to satisfy my want but also become a professional makeup artist... thus I will be taking the license exams. If you read some blogs about makeup school (esp. in Manila), all you need are some of the basic makeups. Unfortunately, I needed more than the basics.... which meant more expensive :( 

It was my 4th class today. On the first day, the instructor introduced me to the makeups we are going to be using and practiced application of creme foundation, shading and highlighting on a mannequin. On second day, the same thing but on an actual model. We don't have to provide models but we practice on each other. Third day, was semi-smoky, but I wasn't able to take pictures :D hehehe

Today we studied triangular pattern eye makeup. I used 5 shades of green and cake eyeliner. 

I still have to practice with gradation... as you can notice the right side lacks gradation.... :D ehhehe but for just a first try... I think I did ok. 


  1. halo ema, i'm dwi from singapore.
    did u learn make up in korea?
    I was reading ur article, i found it interested. I want to ask you some question.
    how much is the price for the course and where is it?

  2. Hi.
    I am learning makeup in Korea. The courses vary from school to school but average it costs about
    $250~280 per month. (Without the materials)

  3. Hi Ema,
    thank for your response.
    ema, r u korean? or u just stay at korea?
    250-280 is what dollars? Singapore dollars or USD?
    So if i dont have the material i need to buy, is it?
    what is the name of the school?
    Can we exchange email address?

  4. Hi....
    my email is
    it's in USD....
    It's better to buy the materials at the school
    coz that's what they use to lecture... it costs
    about 120US$ (including brushes and
    train case)

  5. Hi I had sent you an email.
    Hope to see your reply soon.