Sunday, March 13, 2011

Summer Look

I learned on last Friday's class, summer look. When you say summer look, it doesn't necessarily mean you should wear these colors in summer, but it should look like summer when people sees it. Gets? heheh 

For this look, I used 4 shades: base color- pearl white, up til the crease- sky blue and pearl blue, and last the matte blue (sorry don't really know the names... they use Korean)... after blending the colors, I've added loose pearl pigment of white and blue on respective colors. Drew the eyebrow and pink lipstick. No blush necessary for summer look :P


  1. nice work sis. ALthough I must say, nakaka-agaw pansin ang eyebrows :D ganda ng shape!

  2. thanks thanks... at least something is nice :D