Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stila ColorWheel

My biggest ever haul in regards to make-up. I don't really buy expensive make-ups since they do have a expiration date and I don't wear much make-up. But I decided to give myself a Christmas gift, and bought Stila's colorwheel on 

I actually ordered it around December 19th, but I just got the package yesterday. But that's really okay for me since buying it here in Korea would mean paying double the actual price, and no shipping fee whatsoever.

I haven't really used all the colors and actually put them on after full make-up (meaning with foundation and primer, and all)... but I am quite satisfied with my haul. You do need to use eye-primer so that they will stay on your eyes and the color looks much better. In regards to pigmentation, it's good, I think, since I don't have any other brands to compare it with. I just used cheap drugstore products so I can't really compare them :D.

Maybe when I use these colors, I will update with a photo...... or not :D


  1. Hope to be back in Korea sometime in February.. hows the weather like?

    I am also not much on make up.. I just have a foundation, a lipstick and eyeliner with a bit of blush on. :)

  2. haha it's really cold!!! :D

    wasn't much on make up before...but now with the age.. :D

  3. my friends and i were just discussing eye makeups a while ago! this is the only makeup i don't know how to apply... eyeshadow. I tried watching videos but I still don't get it. i love the colors and packaging though! =)

  4. @ayen: am not very good at it too.. better than a beginner though :D practicing makes it better hehe

  5. hi.. never had the talent to apply eyeshadows like sis ayen.. :) nice haul sis.. new follower here from GT..

  6. @jasmine: thnx for following... :D