Monday, November 08, 2010


A family friend of ours told us they opened a Korean restaurant in Polaris St., Bel-air Makati (just right across Masan Garden), and since my sister and I visited Manila last Oct., my brother, sister and I took Chloe to the restaurant even though it was raining crazy. It was the day that typhoon Meggi hit the Philippines. :P

Anyway Komandu, in my opinion, is short for Korean Mandu. Mandu means dumplings in Korean.So you will be expected to find different kinds of dumplings from Kimchi to meat, and from steamed to fried. And many more such as don katsu,  noodles, desserts and other special

The interior is quite simple and modern. They have enough staff members and the main cook is Korean. The price is not so expensive considering it's Korean and it is different from all the other Korean restaurants in Makati area where mostly sell grilling meats.

I am quite particular about food. Actually, all my family members are since my mom was such a good cook that out taste buds can only stand good quality food. I wouldn't go back to this place since I guess I am in Korea and the menu's not so special to me. But for those who haven't tried Korean fast food restaurants (not talking about Lotteria), it's a place you could go and try. Oh they have jjajangmyeon and jjamppong (saw a TV ad of Korean jjamppong in Manila hahaha).

Well, try it out and don't hesitate to comment. :D


  1. You should have taken photos of the dumplings! I like dumplings. :)

    Anyway, there's no Lotteria in the Philippines... I miss their fried chicken & bulgogi burger, in fairness!

  2. I was more intrigued about your mom's cooking than the restaurant! Haha. Hey, is this a new template design? I like it!

    The red button on top of the page just needs a little fixing, I think it's not in the right place? :)

  3. @jamie: couldn't take pix... we didn't order eh :) we ordered dumpling soup :D

    @madz: haha all my recipe's here are from her. :P I know the red thingy is off but don't know how to fix it :D

  4. I find Korean food fun to eat especially because the different way they set up the food on the table. Even if they're not as tasty as chinese food, okay pa din.

  5. I don't agree with you on "not as tasty" as chinese food since there are so many variety of Korean dishes that you may have not tried yet.

  6. Wow I've been lurking for a Korean resto nearby.. thanks for this ;'D