Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Sikhye (also spelled shikhye or shikeh; also occasionally termed dansul or gamju) is a traditional sweet Korean rice beverage, usually served as a dessert. In addition to its liquid ingredients, sikhye also contains grains of cooked rice, and in some cases pine nuts (From Wikipedia)
Sikhye as the wikipedia says is Korean rice drink. It is made of malt My mom made it really well, actually her mom made it really well and thus the hand-down of the recipe. So I can really say I can make it well since all the people who have tried it said it so. hehehe

It's easier than people think. You just have to diligent and patient. So here goes my recipe!


500g malt


First put the malt in a large bowl and pour water, about double the amount of the malt. Let it seat for about 3~4 hours if you are in hot area, but if it's winter you can let is seat overnight.

After letting it seat for a while, squeeze the malt in the water, pour it in another bowl and add some more water to and repeat squeezing.

Once done, let the liquid seat for about 20 mins. then pour the liquid extract into a pot, straining it in a clean piece of cloth. Be careful in pouring since you don't want the dregs to go in.

** For the Rice:
Cook the rice, but not to sticky. Pour the some of the liquid extract, triple the amount of the rice, add some sugar and mix well. If you have rice cooker, keep it in "warm" function for 4 hours or until the rice starts to float. 
Once the rice floats, remove it from heat, wash it with cold water and put it in a container with water. Some mixes it together with the drink but I like to keep it separated.

Boil the liquid extract, and while doing that remove the foams forming. Once it's clear, add sugar and turn the heat to low and keep it boiling for about an hour. 

Add sugar according to your taste but when the drink cools down, it's less sweeter than when it was hot. 

To enjoy this drink, put it in the refrigerator and make it really cold. Add rice in a cup, and then the drink. Pine nuts are for decorations but it tastes good together. ENJOY!


  1. Ohhhhh so this is what you've been talking about since last week. Congrats! ;)

    (I'll buy it from the Korean store only if it's not too expensive)

  2. haha yup yup! everyone did enjoy so worth the effort.