Wednesday, November 03, 2010


When I was staying at my friend's place whenever I visit her, I saw this stick thingy from Japan. She told me it's a packet sealer, and asked me if we had that in Korea. I told her we did, and now discovered that that stick is actually made in Korea, exported to Japan :D

This product is good for re-sealing packets you opened such as potato chips, coffee. And it seals airtight and watertight... so your leftovers are almost as good as new.

When I checked ebay, there was only Korean seller and the shipping fee is quite expensive since they were shipping from Korea.

So my friend and I decided to sell it. :D
If you want to buy any of these, just email me @
and will give you the payment details.

** DEADLINE: Until Nov. 19 (Pre-order basis)
1~2 weeks of delivery time, payment before shipment!!!

Click on the pic for better view of prices


  1. No samples? Hahaha. Just kidding ;)

  2. hahahah... no sample needed since I saw that first at your home :P

  3. I just realized you were actually talking about our "place" in the first sentence. Hahaha.

  4. We use this at home. And this is very useful especially for big bag of chips. Bought that last year at the World Trade Bazaar and the sellers said it's from Korea nga.

  5. @Badet: yeah it's useful for chips since it stays crispy :D tnx for visiting my blog (can't seem to follow your blog)