Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Cebu Trip Part 2

Continuation of my previous blog... :D Well after the island hopping, we were quite tired so we went to our hotel, showered and rested for a while and headed out to the city. A friend of mine got recommendation of a restaurant serving baby back ribs. We went out looking for "Casa Verde", which is supposedly near the Crown Regency but it was a hole in a wall so was a bit hard to find. The by-passers didn't know that restaurant. 

Well, we finally found the restaurant and the place was really packed. There were no seats available and we were quite hungry so we decided to seat at the bar instead. We ordered the famous "Brian's Ribs" which was only P188 per platter. When the food was served... the size of the serving was surprisingly big.. considering it was less than P200. The taste... it was excellent... better than any rib I've tasted in big family restaurants... really meaty and the sauce was great!

On the second day was shopping around the Cebu city for danggits and pusits. :D We went to this market place, and it smelled a lot... they had wide variety of dried fishes and squids. I bought only the squid since I didn't know how to eat the danggit. I ate the squid at home, when I cam back to Korea, and it was really good.. not so chewy as the ones we have in Korea. 

After the shopping, we obviously went back to our hotel and showered. The smell was terribly attached to our hair and clothes :P. We now went to Crown Regency to try the Sky Experience and 4D theater. I have a phobia, I couldn't try it, but my friends enjoyed the ride and the walk on the rim of the building. :P The 4D wasn't as good as we expected it to be. Not the money's worth. Then we went to a pizzeria in Mango Square. I forgot the name but the ambiance was quite cozy and the price friendly :D. Their pizza was quite good and we also had some pasta so we were really full. Afterwards some of us went to Starbucks to try "Midnight Dark" cake but some went back to the hotel. It was raining really hard and they couldn't get a cab. Felt sorry we left them.

The last day, we went to the airport and went back to Manila. BTW Cebu's lechon was really good. Must buy when you go there. Zubuchon(?) is sold in the airport for 490. The one outside the airport is more expensive but heard Zubuchon is the most famous one in Cebu. :P


  1. WOW.. looks like you had fun while in Cebu. I studied in Cebu and while reading your part 1 and 2 post makes me miss the place.. so much.

  2. why didn't you try the sky walking thing?! hahaha! that's one of the things i want to do in cebu. and to try the lechon as well. =)

  3. @ayen: coz am afraid of heights~~!! heheh

  4. Everytime we go to Cebu, talagang pinipilit ko ang mga kasama ko na kumain sa Casa Verde. Favorite ko talaga ang Brian's Ribs. Masarap din yung Southwest pasta :)

    I agree with the 4D show. Wala namang excitement and not worth it. I'm afraid of heights din pero napilit ng mga kasama ko magskywalk. Medyo umiyak ng konti sa umpisa pero nakaya naman. Kaya mo din yan! :D

  5. @karla: the 5 of us ordered all brian's rib :D maybe if we have chance to go to cebu next tiem, will eat the pasta :D