Friday, August 06, 2010

Ashoka Indian Restaurant

On Wednesday, my sister had to go to Yongsan US base to buy some stuff for Chloe so I tagged along with her bringing Chloe with us. Our day was a disaster! It started off when we arrived at the subway station, ready to walk towards the US base, and found out that I was raining so hard. We had to purchase an umbrella from 7-11. And if that wasn't enough, when we were about to enter the base, we realized that my ID wasn't inside my wallet. SHUCKS!!! I can't go in to the base without it so I just sent my sister in, and took Chloe with me. Finally... we wanted to eat at an Indian restaurant, and since I won an event from my credit card service some cash, I was going to treat my sister. So when we went to Itaewon, the restaurant we wanted to go was closed!!!! So we ended up going to this restaurant.. Ashoka. It's on the 3rd floor of Hamilton Hotel, Itaewon.

We ordered several dishes: Chicken Samosa, Chicken Tikka, Beef Masala, and Garlic Naan and sweet Lassi. 

It is quite a lot for just the two of us to eat, but we thought Chloe would enjoy the Lassi. This review is just in my opinion... so don't care what others who has tried this restaurant might think.

Positive Remarks:
  • Lovely ambience. Although we weren't able to take a picture of the interior, it was quite cozy and modern at the same time. Of course it has a touch of India to it too.
  • Quite good serving size. Compared to the Indian restaurant we tried before, here they served more. 
  • Kind staff. The staff was kind, the service was fast enough.
  • The Chicken Tikka was very good. The meat wasn't too chewy, it was quite soft. 
  •  The sweet Lassi was good though I was too full to finish it and Chloe didn't like it at all.
  • The Beef Masala was served with a heat at the bottom (don't know what to call them), so the dish was warm until we finished dining.
  • The price was reasonable. 
Negative Remarks:
  • I didn't like their Beef Masala. The sauce was too salty, and the meat was like a chewing gum. Our teeth and jaws were aching afterwards.
  • The naan was a bit burnt. The naan we had before was soft and cooked right before served.
  • Chicken Samosa, well don't know if it is supposed to be that hard, but the outer crust was really hard. I remember trying that in the Philippines once before but it wasn't that hard. 
I would probably never go back to this restaurant ever again. 


  1. delicious food. korean in indian restaus and filipinos in korean restaus (like myself recently)

  2. I know :D I am eager to find good filipino restaus here in Korea but haven't found one yet

  3. So I think this one's different from the one in Vietnam. The one in Vietnam serves good food! It's that good that you can even take the leftover sauce home and throw in some boiled chicken! (yes, we did that hahaha)

    The one that we went to in Makati - that's Swagat in Rada St, Legaspi Village.

  4. Yeah I think so... the food wasn't good enought to take home :P

    I shall go back to the restaurant we did enjoy.. they have a buffet.. so will try that out

  5. I didn't know that you are a fan of Indian food though. Who ordered the Lassi? :))

  6. I like all different kinds of food from diff countries :D my brother made me like indian :D Lassi was supposedly for Chloe :D she didn't like it

  7. I've only tried Cheese Samosa from the Kebab Factory but I can say that it's good. The crust or outside was pleasantly crunchy while the cheese inside was gooey and hot.

    Too bad I was almost drooling for the chicken samosa, looks can be deceiving! Haha thank you for sharing your thoughts. I hate it when you don't fully enjoy the food you ordered, it's a waste of money really.

  8. @madz: I know! really waste of money!! :(
    Chicken samosa's filling was good though:D

  9. I haven't tried Lassi but I heard it's a good drink. But Indian food is one cuisine I like because I like spicy!

  10. @badet My first time to try but it was okay. You should try korean too.. spicy :D

  11. I want Indian food... now! The other day we were planning to, but because it's a little far, we went to Pho Hoa instead.

  12. hahahah I like Pho Hoa too... I want vietnamese rice noodles!

  13. I just noticed this now, I was reading comments to my blog, then I saw your comment so I checked your blog to see if that's really it.

    The Indian dish is called masala (without the R).

    Marsala dishes (with the R), on the other hand, are Italian dishes. It's a meat dish in marsala (Italian wine, named after the region where the grapes are grown).

    Hope this clarifies. :)

  14. haha didn't notice that: :D heheheh

  15. Hi EMA,

    Can you share the most popular/delicious restaurants in Itaewon? And your personal favorites as well? I plan to go to Seoul soon.

  16. @cathy S.: There are many great restaurants but if you like korean, there's a korean bbq restaurant just near the subway exit no. 4, and nice one near the police station street.