Monday, August 02, 2010

Lotte World

Lotte world is one of the famous amusement parks in Korea. I think people who loves watching Korean dramas would want to visit Lotte World when they come to Korea. As for me, am not a fan of amusement parks. The last time I've been to an amusement park was Enchanted Kingdom in Philippines when I was freshman in college. If you compare the rides in Lotte World, you can see that the rides here are more exciting and scary... in my point of view.

Lotte World is a good place to visit 365 days a year since it has indoor and outdoor facilities. The entrance fee is around $25 per person which allows you to enter and view the events held. The hassle is that you have to pay for the ticket each time you want to ride, which is around $3~4 per ride. There's a ticket around $40, which gives you unlimited access to all the rides (except gaming facilities) and entrance. If you enjoy the rides this ticket is better.  
Giant Loop

Balloon Travel
Spain Pirate Ship
Merry Go Round
For the month of July~Aug, they have Rio Samba Festival, you can see dancers in their costumes on a parade and shows.

Lotte world is located near the Jamsil Station (Line no. 2), very convenient to get to from anywhere around Seoul area. 

I plan to take my niece one of these days since I have a 40% discount coupon for free ride ticket. And maybe I will post more pictures. 


  1. Ohh.. I heard a lot about that indoor amusement park from my old students. That's like an ultimate heaven for both the young and old. If I will be given a chance to visit such amusement place, I might be walking around with a balloon in my left hand and a cone of ice cream in my right hand. So childish huh? :D

  2. looks good. i will ask a new korean friend about it.

  3. Chloe will enjoy it, I'm pretty sure! Hugs to Chloe!!! :)

  4. @mrs. kolca: i think we all become a child when we go to amusement park :D

    @maki: yeah it seems good... haha

    @J: yeah i know she will... :P Chloe now can say Pia very well.. am making her practice Jamie next :D and also Tita! heheh she knows KISS already!

  5. Hehe. Teach her how to wave sa fans! :D She's like an artista when we picked her up sa airport, like people were looking at her, then there's this girl who said "ang cuuuuuute!" :D

  6. @J : she knows how to wave.. she even gives extra special bonus... wink!

  7. can we go shopping for a while at the shopping complex then come back?

    excuse my grammar.thanks a bunch(:

  8. I am not really sure about that though