Thursday, August 12, 2010

Job Hunting

It's been 6 months now since I actively put my self out in the job market. I have not been working for almost 2 years now. My last work was just establishing company and they had to let me go since they had a problem with their investors. And my sister had a baby so I kind-of helped her out taking care of the baby, and then my mom got sick plus her passing away, well I couldn't get back to work right away. Feb~March is graduation time for college students so there are more jobs available than any time of the year. Unfortunately, I don't hold a college diploma, in my 30's, limited experience, it's really hard to get a job.

I do get a lot of offers from insurance companies, which I don't really care for since am not good at selling products especially insurance. Then, English teaching jobs from time to time. But for English schools, I learned from my previous experiences, one must have a college diploma since they are reported to the Dept. of Education. They ask you to come-in for interviews but then they tell you it's not going to work since I don't have a diploma. GRRR! Read the CV!

Despite the need for fluent English speakers are high in Korea, there's also high competition too. A lot of Koreans study abroad for English and they have better educational background then me. I once went to an interview of one of Korea's biggest company and the HR agent told me that I was most preferred by the company due to my English skills. I even took test which I found quite easy but I never got the call back. I think it had something to do with my educational background since the rest of the interviewers were college graduate, and my weight problem.

I hate when a job ad says "Presentable looks"... define presentable? Well, for those companies, presentable means slim, tall, and beautiful. Can't you be presentable if you are big or short. You could be presentable by wearing decent clothes and make-up, right? Maybe not for them.

Well, it's really hard to get a job. Harder next year since am turning 32 as soon as New Year comes in Korean age. So it would be harder for me to get interviews but once am interviewed they will be asking the question they ask to all single 30's ladies> Do you plan to get married soon? Are you planning to continue working after marriage?. And even if you say No and Yes to those questions, they actually don't believe that. I do hope that within this year, I could get a decent paying job (am not even asking for exaggerated salary) and decent working hours (I used to work from 9 am ~whenever the boss tells you to go).


  1. Hmmmm. I think you're doing well with your translation job. Tell your client to keep 'em coming! ;)

  2. I know but I want to get out in the social circle :D working at the office :D am becoming lazy at home