Sunday, June 27, 2010


These days I have some time to watch US tv dramas... unlike before. And it's hard to catch up with dramas that has already started with 2nd or more seasons.
So I am starting to watch new US dramas.. although it's summer there are some pretty good US tv dramas to watch.

  • 100 Questions: I just started watching this... aired it's 4th epsiode already. It's a sitcom actually. But it is quite funny. Somewhat similar to "Romantically Challenged" but FUNNIER. I do recommend it.. it's not cheesy or corny .... PROMISE! "100 Questions" is a new comedy series that provides hilarious answers to 100 questions about love. And I don't know why but I do like when Koreans are one of the casts.... :D

  • Drop Dead Diva: although it's in 2nd season. I had the chance to watch Drop dead diva 1 in a marathon :P. It's not just about typically beautiful, slim, smart lawyer but funny, fat, smart lawyer who can get love and work ...

  • Pretty Little Liars: It's not the typical high school drama. It's about 4 high school girls who's friendship breaks apart after the mysterious diasappearance of their friend Alison. And after 1 year of the incident, her body is found. The 4 friends get back together as they receive text messages from "A", knowing all of their darkest secrets... It's interesting and intriguing... at least it's not like Gossip Girl where everyone is sleeping with everyone :D 

  •  Three Rivers: It was actually cancelled but then it was aired again for some reasons. I guess maybe they didn't have any other drama for the off-season. But good for me coz I really like Daniel Henney and Alex O'Loughlin. Well, the drama is another medical drama... not about surgeons or ER but about Organ Transplants. Well... nothing much to say about it but I would live in the hospital if my doctors were as hot as Daniel or Alex. :D


  1. So you also watch Pretty Little Liars? I'm liking it, but not much. It's too dark for little girls to be in that situation.

  2. hahah yeah it's dark... seriously girls that age shouldn't go through those situations hahah

  3. It's better than Gossip Girl though. Anyway, I already know who killed who, I read the book review. Want spoilers? ;)

    This series is produced by the producers of Gossip Girl, whom we all know, are popular for bastardizing the plots as written in the books. HMP!

  4. HAHAH don't want spoilers yet.. will ask for it when i want it. :P

    GOsh gossip girl producers??? hmmmphhh

  5. Hey, what's the sched of Pretty Little Liars in the US? I don't get it.