Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Moving 2

Finally new house!!! The place is smaller than before but it's okay. It just means less cleaning and more relax time! :D

I am quite busy these days with swamped work since I wasn't able to work during the move and a few days afterwards since I was busy organizing things. Still... 80% unorganized :D.

Good things about my new place:
  • Closer to bus stop - it's just 5 minutes walk away.
  • The house is cooler - I don't think we would need to turn on a/c during the HOT summer time... the house has bigger windows, no building in front of the house... so very windy.
  • NO LEAKS - there was a leak in the ceiling in our previous house... and am certain there won't be any leak in our new home... so far....

  • Some problems with pipes... faucets... this is an old house so we need to have this fixed.
  • Small bathroom - there's not enough space in the bathroom but I guess we'll have to live with it.
Hope there won't be more disappointments as time goes by.. don't wanna move again.. it's such a hassle!


  1. hi sis! visiting you from GT :)

  2. I thought you had those pro movers? :p

  3. Yeah we had pro movers... but the prob is we have no room for my bro.. hahah we had to put all his thing in our room

  4. Haha, tell him what he told you. You're not comfortable w/ men stuff in your room! Oops. He might be reading, might not accommodate my stuff next time. Peace! Hahaha.

  5. hahah don't worry, he doesn't read this.. :D

  6. Hello EMA! You're pretty fast moving in your new home, juggling work and UStream ;) Hope your new home will be a relaxing place for many years to come! :)

  7. thnx rosey :D hahah still am a multi-tasker