Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Housing in Korea is quite expensive. Am sure it is anywhere in the world but unless you have worked as stable job for years... and didn't spend much of your salary, am sure someday you can buy a house...

Our house lease contract has ended and we started looking for a house last month. Lucky for us, we have found a decent house with a decent lease with the help of a real estator whom my mom has known for years before.

It's the first time to look for a house on our own... always did with my mom, and my dad has always been a no help. So there are a few things I learned to check when moving to a new house... I hope this is enough... or else we are doomed to live in our new house for 2 years or more.

  1. Check the water system - make sure the water flow is decent. Some houses have old pipe system and the flow is really weak.

  2. Check if you have a nice landlord - it's important... we have been to 3 houses alreays in the past 3 years and the first landlord was really nice. But the last two.. hmmmph... irritating.

  3. See other houses and compare - just because the realtor says it's a good deal doesn't mean it is. You have to check other houses to see it for yourself.

  4. Check the condition of the house carefully - there are two kinds of house lease in Korea. One is monthly rental and yearly contract with more downpayment. For yearly contract, the landlord rarely fixes house hazzards once you move in.

  5. Reserve movers ahead in time, don't forget to call the internet service, TV, phone company etc.

  6. Started throwing away things you are sure you won't use.
Well, this is what I learned... nothing much though.. but at least it helped me in choosing the right house with my sister. Things we need to do... clean the house... the landlord told us the previous tenants didn't clean much for the 7 years they lived there. huhu

We are moving on the 19th and good thing the movers will do everything for you from packing, moving and to unpacking. We just have to pack important stuff so they won't get lost.

It's going to be very hot but after moving, at least I can go back to my normal routines and try to study nail art!


  1. Started throwing away things you are sure you won't use.

    >>> This is the hard part. Were you able to dispose enough stuff? :)

  2. haha only clothes... and it's harder coz you know that each thing reminds me of mom :P

  3. What city in Seoul are you moving to? Where did you stay before?

  4. sungbuk gu... changwi dong :D not a famous place. :P just moved in the same area.