Tuesday, June 29, 2010

NY Trip part 1

I just remembered my NY trip after I talked to my friend about NY. She's going to US this Aug. My NY trip was really short and didn't really enjoy much. I sooooo regret it... but do I have a choice? hehehhe

It was last November 2007, I went to NY on a business trip. I don't know why I went there though... I felt a bit stupid there... doing nothing much but had to wake up really early and stand in the COLD, almost freezing to death.

I left Korea's Incheon airport on Sunday evening, and arrived in NY on Sunday night. :D The whole trip started badly coz I had to check-in my baggage, the clerk won't let me hand-carry. When we arrived in JFK, the bags were coming out ssssooooooo late! AS IN! And I was with a famous Korean actress... her bag was already out considering she was in the business class. I felt so bad coz she had to wait for me. :D good thing her manager liked me :P

We took the explorer van, the manager insisted me sitting at the back with HER but I said... no, I will just sit in front.. HEHEH super uncomfortable!!! Our hotel was The Hilton Time Square. When everyone (Except HER) was sharing rooms... I got to have my own room!! YOHOO... heheh

Oh forgot to mention I went there as another guy's manager ... not HER's... James is an entrepreneur in US and got a TV ad gig with our company then so I went there to be the interpreter and manager... but he didn't need one coz the on-location producer was Korean... who spoke Korean and Englis very well. The agency people asked why I was there... super embarassing!!! BUT at least James felt happy that he had manager. .

Our itinerary was really bad! as in I had to wake up at 5am Monday morning to start the shoot! Didn't have the chance to adjust to the time there.. I didn't even sleep on the 14+ hours flight. We went to the Central Park, it was rainy... and verrryyyy COLD! I didn't even realize that we were in Central Park until someone told me that!!! SO no PIX!! was super sleepy then. AND GUESS WHAT... after the shoot... which ended like 2, I went to the hotel to sleep!!! It was rainy... so gloomy! James, me and 2 other staff had dinner at a restaurant.. and I ordered some pasta... but it was super size and sooo salty.. didn't even finish half of it... then went back to the hotel... watched TV... got a call from my pscycho boss...

The second day.. had to wake up again at 5! This time we went to some penthouse... at least it's warmer... but still felt sleepy. :D After the shoot... James took me to Juniors cheesecake. :D I had a beer and strawberry cheesecake. It was really delicious!!! Then in the evening we went to a seafood buffet restaurant since it was the last day of the shoot. Finally we went to Meat Packing Industry area, and went to a club.. drank and enjoyed the company of new friends...

With new found friends

Behind me is the Hudson River...

Part 2 to be continued......


  1. i posted a commwnt on your previous blog entry but its not showing up.... hmmm...

    anyway, looking forward on your ny trip part 2! =)

  2. it happened to me in another blog as well :( anyways thanks for dropping by and reading :D

  3. That happens when you post a comment while you are not yet logged in. It happens to me a couple of times, so just to be sure, I CTRL-C my comment so if an error occurs, I can just CTRL-V.

    Anyway, EM, you're so bongga. You are rubbing elbows with the actors and entrepreneurs. Actually, this is the first time that I heard (or read) about your NY trip. I know you mentioned that you went there but it was not a "complete documentation" of your trip.

  4. Part 2 please? Hurry..! joke.

  5. hahah part 2 already up :D