Wednesday, June 30, 2010

NY Trip part 2

Continuation of part 1....

I didn't realize the entry was that long so decided to cut it into 2. Part 2... my free day. I had 1 whole day.. acutally not whole day since we needed to pack our things so we could check out of the hotel and then leave for the airport at around 7 or 8. So we had half day to go around. 

I didn't know any of the staff but thanks to clubbing last night, I had a friend to go around NY with. She didn't speak English at all so she was glad to go with me too. 

When you are in NY, you would like to see the Empire State Building as you have seen so much of it in movies and dramas... so we did. Unfortunately, the line was so long... and when we went to the top, it was foggy so we couldn't see much of NY. 

In the lobby of Empire State

After that, we just walked around the Broadway street and the streets of NY before deciding to go to Soho. I asked the stupidest question to a vendor... where is SOHO? and the vendor said... you are in SOHO!! hahha at least we looked like tourist :P It was nice going around Soho and see really cute and nice stores... funny thing is whenever I travel, I never buy something for myself... always for my siblings and mom. Same thing this time around... hehehe

Just walking around

Lastly we went to this park... at that time we didnt' know what park it was but turns out it was Bryant Park. They had ice skating rink and some stalls. They sold really unique stuffs. Though didn't buy anything coz nothing really caught my attention. And soon we had to go back to our hotel and to go to the airport. We arrived too early in the airport... so we just dinner and desserts and when we went in... the Duty Free was already closed... shucks...
Bryant Park

Well the trip was Okay though I wished it was longer trip... the manager I mentioned earlier had 1 week vacation.. he got to stay in NY for another week!!! But I had to come back to Korea... and went back to work the very next day...


  1. Well, at least you were able to go to Empire State. :) And I too, wished you stayed there longer. ;)

  2. yeah... i really wished I stayed longer... so I could have seen any broadway show (though there was writer's strike at that time) or go n see the statue of liberty

  3. At least you were able to go to NY :D I wish I could go there too.. I have visited 3 States only since I got here in US.

  4. Hope you get to visit LA! :)

  5. @rosey: MY WISH TOO!! hahah

    @bechay: heheh wanna vist LV too!!!

    I AM GONNA work really hard so I could afford a ticket!