Sunday, May 30, 2010


If you are wondering if I am gonna write about Pasta... well sorry for misunderstanding but am gonna write about the Korean TV drama Pasta (2010).

My favorite kinds of Korean drama are Coffee Prince, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Full House... if you have watched all these, you will know what genre I am interested in. For those who haven't wathced, those are romantic comedies where the main actor and main actress doesn't usually like each other, keeps fighting but falls in love in the end :D

Pasta, as the title suggests, plots in a Italian restaurant. Seo Yu-Kyeong (played by Gong Hyo-Jin) has been a kitchen porter for 3 years, and with the new chef Choi Hyun-Wook (by Lee Sun-Gyun.. also was in Coffe Prince), a new kitchen porter is hired.  Yu-Kyeong finally becomes a cook but one of Hyun-Wooks regulations in the kitchen is that no woman is allowed. He fires all the women in the kitchen and brings in his "followers" to the kitchen. Yu-Kyeong would not accept this and keeps on coming back to the kitchen. He tests Yu-Kyeong to determine whether she can stay or not... obviously she passes.

The reason Hyun-Wook doesn't allow woman in the kitchen is because of Oh Sae-Young (former Miss Korea Lee Hani). She was Hyun-Wook's lover back in Italy where they both worked but she betrayed him and sabotaged his food during a cooking contest. Wanting to get back with Hyun-Wook, Sae-Young works at the restaurant with them.

The story goes on... with 2 chefs in the kitchen, and conflicts amongst the cooks. A love triangle between Yu-Kyung, Hyun Wook and Sae-Young.

What I loved about this drama is Lee Sun-Kyun and Gong Hyo-Jin's realistic acting. I loved him since Coffee Prince and it's been a while since he acted in TV drama. Gong Hyo Jin is one of the few favorite actresses in Korea. She is not so pretty as other actresses here but she has her own color and a great actress.

I recommend for those Korean drama fanatics to watch this drama. You won't regret it. And for those who haven't even tried Korean drama, you might get addicted to it once you've watched. :D


  1. Yeah, I thought you were gonna talk about food. :) Dad keeps on watching Korean TV series (online) with English subtitles. :))

  2. hahah :D it's really funny... you should watch it someday.. if you don't have any US TV to watch anymore :D

  3. Why are Korean telenovelas themed after cooking? :) Hehe.

    Buy me a DVD for this, I'll watch! :)

  4. i'll let chiqui lend you the DVD, she has it at her home.

    Not all themed after cooking.. the nice one's seems though :D

  5. she has? whoa. is she on drugs? :))

  6. hahahah not her.. her mom has it! :D
    her mom is a fanatic for korean dramas :)

  7. Like mother, like daughter. :) Oh, if she does lend me the DVD, remind me everyday to return it, tita might kill me! :))

  8. I actually saw this one while it aired. The story was simple (no dramatic twists) and the chemistry between the leads superb. I loved watching every minute of it.

  9. ^^ sure sure.. :D heheh if ever she lends you the DVD :P

    ^ I know... there's not too much drama which sometimes irritates me.. and the chemistry was really great!