Thursday, May 27, 2010

Korean BBQ

I never really new that Korean BBQ was so popular around the globe (okay maybe not around the globe but as far as I know Japan, US and the Philippines :P). A few years back, a friend in LA told me he loved Korean bbq and asked me for it's recipe, and these days I met new people online who told me they love Korean bbq and my friend from high school is crazy about it too.

To be honest I don't know what they refer to when they say Korean bbq... if it's seasoned meat or the fresh meat grilled on charcoal... but I guess it's the seasoned one 'cause why would they ask me for the recipe if it's the fresh meat, right?

In Korea, you can find different kinds of restaurants serving Korean bbq in different ways. One of the most famous is grilling on top of charcoal, the other is "Yeon tan" (a coal briquette which in the older days, used to heat rooms), or electric stove. These are the popular ones but you can find more depending on the province and the style popular. I prefer the charcoal. I just like the smell of charcoal and the meat cooking moderately, and not burning it too much.

So... due to so many requests received... I give you the recipe for Korean BBQ:

300g Pork ribs
100 ml Soy sauce
80g minced Onion
20g minced green onion
10g sugar
15g sesame seed
7g ground black pepper

1. Very simple... mix all the ingridients together, except the meat.
2. Marinate the meat in the sauce for about 1~2 hours and cook.

(If you happen to have sesame oil, a dash of it would be nice)

Grilling on top of charcoal
Side dishes


  1. Nice! :)

    During my last six months living in Vietnam, I stayed in the Korean community where there were a couple of Korean restaurants & stores around the area. :)

  2. :D you should try out the recipe...

    cook at home :D or give the recipe to tito and ask him to cook for you :)

    he can add the ginisa, a bit for flavor

  3. haha. funnily i fell in love w korean bbq way back when there werent that much koreans in the philippines. i still love it but i wont be cookin anytime soon. glad to know of the recipe though.

  4. thnx for dropping buy...

    coming soon... bulgogi and some other korean dishes as well :D

  5. Oh yummy! My I'll be sure to give this recipe to my cousin too!
    I like the charcoal too, makes the meat taste a little better :)