Saturday, May 22, 2010

Korea National Museum

I met my grade school friend from Philipppines last Saturday (May 22nd). She is a Opera singer in Phil., and she came to Korea to represent Philippines in Korea-ASEAN Traditional Orchestra. It is hosted by UNESCO and Korea in celebration of 50 years of treaty between Korea and Malaysia.

Anyways... going back to the main topic... my friend Ana, had a day off so we decided to meet. There are a lot of things to do in Seoul and show her but she wanted to see something cultural so I decided to take her to the National Museum.

The National Museum is located in Ichon Dong,  Seoul. It's just a 10 minute walk from the station (the walk from the entrace to the museum is longer than station to the entrance :D).

The museum is bigger than I expected. It's a 3 storey building but it's really long!!! My foot hurt walking around the entire building.. though it was really fun showing my friend around... and looking at the artifacts and artworks of Korea and some other coutries as well.

There's no entrance fee to the main museum, sometimes they have exhibits which you need to pay for. The three storeys have different themes. First floor - pre-historic era, bronze age, Shilla, Goryeo, Balhae ... etc. Second floor -  paintings and donations made to the museum. Third floor - another artworks and Asian artifacts.

The View of The Museum

Some of the things you can see at the museum


  1. Isn't it ironic? I bet, you've been to other museums in other countries. And this was your first time in South Korea?

  2. yup yup.. i've been to museums in philippines... and i have been here for 10 years now and yet so many places i haven't been to

  3. So picture taking inside the museum there in Korea is allowed. Hmmm.. that's interesting.I have been in museums back home and bringing camera is prohibited.

    I-follow kita sis ha? More power to you!

  4. @Bechay... as long as you turn the flash off, taking picture is allowed :D

    thnx for following! :D

  5. I guess it's just like that. I'm a Filipino but haven't been to a museum here in the Phils, but have gone to a lot of museums abroad. Which museums have you've been to here in Manila? How did you find it?

  6. @beckie : can't remember :D went to the museums as a child in school field trips :D
    I also have been to the national library :D

  7. ^same here sis, I went to the museums as a student (high school and college field trips)