Thursday, May 20, 2010

The KC Show

These days I became quite addicted to the KC Show ( I have always been a fan of KC Montero since his days as MTV VJ about a decade ago.. while i was still living in Philippines.

I just happened to search his facebook account and found out he does Ustream for his show which airs at 1~4PM Philippine time. So I gave a shot and tuned in to his Ustream. I can listen to some OPM and nice music while enjoying their talks as well. KC, I think is born to DJ because he's so natural at keeping the talk alive and he sure knows how to satisfy his listerners. Sometimes, he has some guests showing up, and have a blast on the show.

I got some work am doing this days and the weather is not helping at all... i get sleepy at that time... so it's like catching two birds with one stone. I can get my work done.. and can enjoy the show and laugh. :D Plus, I have met some new people and chatting from time to time is quite fun. 

Just this Monday, Colby (KC's brother) started citing a poem for Angel Locsin. He's just expressing his crush for her and it's really funny. It actually got serious when TV Patrol came to interview Colby regarding his poem.. and even if there's nothing coming out of this.. at least the listeners enjoy and look forward to his poems everyday.

Stream of Colby Citing his Poem

Well, as long as KC does the Ustream and the show goes on... I will be an avid fan of the show! :D


  1. you really are a FAN, huh? I saw your post in FB about KC too. :))

  2. yup :D am a fan.. hehehe a few of Pilipino stars i follow

  3. KC is laos na! :p

    He has a show in Ch5 though.

  4. He actually read this blog.. he said in comment to my post... :D

    Laos or not.. i still like him :D

  5. Perhaps being married and having a family of his own made KC a more serious guy, but that's okay even he has to be "laos". Still love him though :)

  6. Still listening to him :D funny :P