Thursday, June 03, 2010


Due to some request... I give you the recipe for Bulgogi.. another famous traditional Korean dish. :D

Bulgoi is quite easy to make, and you can put in vegetables of your choice too. Almost similar to Korea BBQ.

Beef (thinly sliced) 600g - like suki yaki style in Japan
Onions 100g
Green onion 70g
Soy sauce 77ml
Sugar 30g
Black pepper
Minced garlic
Sesame oil 14 ml
Sesame seed

1. Slice onion, green onions (you can add carrots, mushrooms, or any other vegetables you like)
2. Add soy sauce, sugar, dash of black pepper, teaspoon of garlic, sesame oil, and sesame seed. Mix.
3. Marinate the vegetables and beef with the sauce, making sure to mix the meat together... (kind of kneading a dough but not as much and hard) and let it sit for about an hour in the ref.
4. In a pan, add a bit of vegetable oil, put the heat to medium and cook!!!
5. Enjoy.

*** You can boil vermicelli noodles, drain it and cook it together with the meat. It's yummier!


  1. thanks for sharing... I'll try this one of these days

  2. Hey Eun Mee, you're so Pinoy! Ref! Hahaha. Can we use the powder that you sent to dad for this one? And... why is Lotteria's bulgogi burger so different from the real bulgogi?

    Haha. Crazy thoughts. Look at what time it is! Haven't slept yet!

  3. Another thing. Why aren't your posts showing in my blogger dashboard?

  4. hahah i am pinoy in the inside.. heheh. Yup you can add that powder a bit... so lessen the soy sauce and add that powder for flavor... :D
    The bulgogi burger is sweeter, isn't it? i don't like it.. at all :P

    Think of your skin!!!

    Don't know why it doesn't show on the dashboard.. hmm

  5. @realmofadreamer: hope you will enjoy it!!!

  6. Pinoy! I bet you call your coworkers "officemates", right? :D

    And yeah, Lotteria is sweet. Even the chicken and other stuff. Jollibee is sweet too but I Jollibee uses smell enhancers.

    Dad really uses that powder for cooking. :) It's the most used one, because mommy can tolerate the spicy stuff (we have Cambodian and Indian stuff, she doesn't like them!).

    Hey, weather is nice here. I can sleep for six to eight hours now. :D Insomnia is over!

  7. heheh officemates :D sometimes though :P

    Next time i visit.. i will buy more powder!

    here, it's getting hotter! start of insomnia for me!

  8. I'm starting to miss Lotteria, even if it's just fast food. Care to email me 1 burger and chicken? I also like the mozzarella sticks!

  9. I know before summer ends my cousin and I will have tried this recipe. I'll let you know when we do. Thanks EMA! :)

  10. Bulgogi is one of my favorite korean dish.. and thanks for the recipe.. I will try to make one here in Pinas.. actually, when I miss Korean food, we just go to BF Homes.. its the mecca for korean restaurants.. so many Korean..

  11. i think it's favorite of a lot since it's not spicy :D hope you will enjoy the recipe :D