Thursday, November 25, 2010

Save the Children

I have always wanted to try this ever since it first started about 4 years ago. But back then I was busy with work (my work hours were crazy... had to stay at work when my boss tells us to... no definite time)... and then my niece came, and then my mom got sick.... but this year, since I have nothing special to do... I decided to give it a try.

Save the Children is an international organization helping children in need around the world. In Korea, they have a campaign every winter, they sell kits to knit caps for new born babies and then they send it to countries like Ethiopia, Mali and Nepal. Just with this cap, new born babies can keep their body temperature during the cold nights and help them to survive. An increase of 2 degree C in body temperature decreases the death rate to 70%.  

Am not well-off to be able to give much donations to the needy. But I could help out a little by doing something small and affordable, but it would mean a lot to the one receiving it.

It costs about $12
The contents of the box
Inside the box contains a guidebook, 2 sets of yarns, knitting needle, small pin with the small hat, and an envelope to put in the hat. I am not good at knitting at all... I have tried learning it from my mom but she was too fast for me to follow. I guess if she was here, she could finish this in just a day. 

I will post the hat... if i finish it on time :D


  1. Awww, that's sweet! God bless you, Eun Mee! :)

  2. thanks jamie :D hope i could really finish it though

  3. hope you will finish it.... haha...

  4. Awww, that's so sweet. I don't even know how to knit. Hehe! I sucked at home economics before in school. But you're doing it for a good cause and I hope you finish it as well. :)

  5. have finished about 1/3 of the knitting :D hahahahha