Monday, May 03, 2010

My First Ever...

I have never ever blogged in my life...
just decided recently to do something with my time and write a blog :D

My Cup of Tea.....
I want to blog about things I enjoy doing, and things I like... or somewhat addicted
to such as make-up, US TV series, my niece Chloe...

For the readers, so that they will know who I am and where I came from...
well... I am a going 30, single Korean female, living in Seoul, Korea
but grew up in Manila, Philippines.... youngest of 3 ^^

Hope people reading this blog will enjoy reading as I will enjoy writing it.


  1. Hey, go to feedjit, register and post it on your sidebar, it's pretty cool.

    Are you already using Google Analytics? The reports are comprehensive, although... never mind. Let's catch up via Yahoo Messenger. :D

  2. My first follower~~ heheh thanks for following :D